Foulwind Methanol Machines

Foulwind creates containerized methanol production plants. We use atmospheric carbon, potable water and solar energy to create low volume methanol for locations with difficult access to global fuel infrastructure.

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Our process

We use a regenerative adsorbent to capture carbon dioxide from the air. This technique has been in industrial use since 1946. Our hydrogen generation is via proton exchange membrane electrolysis. We use carbon dioxide hydrogenation to form liquid methanol.

Optimized for solar

Our process is suitable for locations with low humidity and a temperate or subtropical latitude. By utilising appropriately sized high temperature heat pumps, lithium iron phosphate energy storage, careful energy management and a substantial solar array, we can create methanol at inaccessible locations with the only consumable being access to drinking water.

Remotely monitored

Our plants are highly integrated and monitored remotely by the foulwind team. Our plants include a satellite uplink so we can monitor, manage, update and optimise your plant for your particular location.

Minimal consumables

Our plants are designed to require a minimum of maintenance and consumables. All plants are sold with a maintenance plan that includes servicing intervals to replace adsorbent and filters.

Integrated bowser

Our plants incorporate tankeage and a bowser so that they can be used to directly refuel equipment suitably modified to run directly on methanol.


Each foulwind plant requires approximately 150sqm of flat land with good solar aspect. Multiple foulwind plants can be connected to linearly increase methanol production as required.